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"We expect thousands of families to escape from the Old City; we made all preparations to evacuate them from the frontlines," army colonel Salam Faraj told Reuters. Islamic State snipers are shooting at families trying to flee on foot or by boat across the Tigris River, as part of a tactic to keep civilians as human shields, the U.N. said on Friday. The Iraqi army thinks the number of Islamic State fighters in the Old City doesn't exceed 300, down from nearly 6,000 when the battle of Mosul started, on Oct. 17. "The operation now is about street fighting, air and artillery strikes will be limited because the area is heavily populated and the buildings fragile," CTS spokesman Sabah al-Numan told al-Hadath TV in Dubai. Iraqi government forces regained eastern Mosul in January, then a month later began the offensive on the side located west of the Tigris, which includes the Old City. The fall of Mosul would, in effect, mark the end of the Iraqi half of the "caliphate" that Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi declared in a speech from an historic mosque in the Old City three years ago, covering parts of Iraq and Syria. The group is also retreating in Syria, mainly in the face of a U.S.-backed, Kurdish-led coalition. Its capital there, Raqqa, is being besieged.

Amazon Wants to Solve Online Fashion's Biggest Problem If it can crack the code, a number of brick-and-mortar retailers may be in very serious trouble, When a person buys a piece of clothing in a store, he or she has the option of trying it on. That's a major advantage for brick-and-mortar retailers because online customers not only have to wait for their order to be delivered, it may not fit once it arrives. Even if the size proves correct, it's also possible that an item bought from a website simply won't be what you expected, necessitating a return. That's a hassle even on websites that make every effort to make the process easy. It's perhaps less difficult when ordering online from a chain like Wal-Mart (NYSE: WMT) or Target (NYSE: TGT), which allow in-store returns of online orders, but even then it's not as easy as simply walking back to the rack and grabbing another size. Amazon ( NASDAQ:AMZN ) wants to solve that problem by creating technology that helps customers find the right fit in an online shopping environment. That's not an easy challenge, but it's one that could put another nail in the coffin of the many struggling apparel retailers while removing an edge Wal-Mart and Target currently enjoy. Amazon wants to create an online answer to the dressing room. Image source: Getty Images.

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