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Some Growing Opportunities In Recognising Significant Elements Of Bridesmaid Dresses

Ikea said it was "saddened by the testimonies" of the drivers. The drivers the BBC spoke to were employed by haulage companies based in Eastern Europe, which are paid to transport Ikea goods. 'Road accidents possible' Romanian driver Emilian spends up to four months at a time sleeping, eating and washing in his truck. He moves goods for Ikea around Western Europe, and had been in Denmark most recently. He says the salary he takes home is a monthly average of 477 euros (420). A Danish driver can expect to take home an average of 2,200 euros (1,900) a month in salary. EU rules state that a driver posted temporarily away from home should be ''guaranteed'' the host nation's ''minimum rates of pay'' and conditions. But companies can exploit loopholes in the law. Image caption Emilian's colleague Christian prepares dinner in the back of the truck Emilian is employed by a Slovakian subsidiary of Norwegian trucking company Bring, and is being paid as if his place of work is Slovakia - even though he never works there. He shows us where he sleeps - a sleeping bag in the back of his cab.

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