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But last year, Ivankas brand came under the microscope thanks to the #GrabYourWallet boycott of Trump goods and other businesses with ties to the family. In early February, the attention turned into a frenzy. Nordstrom confirmed that it would no longer be selling Ivanka Trump products , eliciting public chastisement from the President himself and kicking off a wave of other retailers backing away from stocking it. Customers responded variously with applause and outrage . It seems Februarys heightened media and consumer scrutiny actually gave the Ivanka Trump brand a lift with some sellers. According to Lyst, a London-based e-commerce startup that pulls product from hundreds of retailers onto one site, Ivanka Trump was its 11th most popular brand in February, based on order count. Thats a huge leap from where it had been weeks before: In January, Ivanka Trump ranked at number 550 on Lyst. In February and January, Lysts most ordered brands were Missguided, ASOS, Nike, Boohoo, Adidas, and River Island, all British high street names except for the two sportswear giants. Though the e-commerce aggregator was founded in the UK, 60 percent of its users come from the States, and a rep for the company says that the vast majority of Ivanka Trump shoppers are based in the US. The popularity is notable given that at the start of the month, Nordstrom said that its decision to no longer carry Ivanka Trump merchandise was based on declining sales.

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